• Paul Bingley

Airline veteran changes course after redundancy.

Paul Bingley, former commercial manager at Antonov Airlines’ previous GSSA, Dreamlifts Ltd, has changed course after his recent redundancy by launching a specialised copywriting company. Trading as Verlevo Copywriting, Bingley will serve the aviation and logistics sectors with creative copy for digital and print publications.

‘It was the end of a personal era when the Dreamlifts-Antonov agreement expired,’ explained Bingley, ‘but after an unbroken 33-year career in aviation, it finally gave me an opportunity to pursue something I’d already enjoyed some personal success in.’

Bingley is a published author, having written several books on aviation heritage. He’s also a regular contributor to national and international aviation magazines. During his time in the outsize cargo industry, Bingley wrote corporate literature for his former employers, Ruslan International and Antonov Airlines.

‘I’ve always been a writer, but my career prevented me from fully exploiting it, he said. ‘I’ll now be able to combine my extensive logistics knowledge with a key, personal skill. I’m sure it will be a great benefit to those international aviation and logistics organisations seeking help with their communications.’

Paul Bingley is based close to the university city of Cambridge. He can be contacted at, or via

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