Get some 'lift' with Verlevo Copywriting.

 I’m Paul Bingley, a creative copywriter  with an extensive background in aviation and logistics.

I’ve supported international organisations since 2006 with clear and persuasive copywriting for digital,  print and media communications.

I specialise in web content, advertisements and press releases. I also create slogans, straplines and song titles. Just ask the international music producer and DJ, Curbi.

Imagine what I could do for you.

‘Verlevo’ is a blend of the Latin words, Verbum (‘words’) and levo (‘lift’). In short, that's what I do. I select and arrange the best words to boost the sales of products and services. And if those products or services are transport-related, even better. As a B2B specialist, it's a sector I know well.

Located close to the English university city of Cambridge, I'm a member of the ProCopywriters alliance and holder of two copywriting certificates. In my spare time, I’ve written numerous books and magazine articles. I've also 'live-tweeted’ the complete history of a Second World War airfield. Yes, you could call me an aviation geek, but I’m also commercially-minded, having spent 15 years working in airline sales and marketing.

But that's enough about me. What about you? Have you been pondering that press release, wrestling with your website, or vying with verbs? Release the brakes, free more time and get your project off the ground with Verlevo.